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France's first floating photovoltaic power plant

October 18, France's first floating solar photovoltaic power station was launched on October 18. The power station will produce more renewable energy for France.            The power station is called o'mega1, which is constructed by akuo energy company, a French renewable energy power generation company. The project is located in piolank City, volcruz Province, southeast France. According to the company, the power station covers an area of 17 hectares, and 47000 solar panels are laid on a man-made lake, with a total installed capacity of 17 megawatts. After put into use, the power station can meet the power demand of more than 4700 households.            Elisabeth Boerne, Minister of ecological transformation and solidarity of France, attended the launch ceremony of the day. She said that this is the first floating photovoltaic power station in France and the most powerful in Europe. It will produce more renewable energy, which is the pride of France.            It is reported that akuo energy company, French electric power company, etc. are preparing to build floating solar photovoltaic power stations in other regions of France.            Different from the traditional photovoltaic power plant, the floating photovoltaic power plant is to install photovoltaic power generation modules on the floating body on the water surface, which does not occupy land resources, and the cooling effect of water on photovoltaic modules can also effectively improve the power generation efficiency.


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