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It was a Chinese clothing company that ended the lithium monopoly of Japanese enterprises

When the industry touches the ceiling, how entrepreneurs choose a new track for diversified transformation is often related to the future of enterprises. Zheng Yonggang, chairman of the board of directors of Shanshan holdings, showed his forward-looking vision with a free game of chess 20 years ago.            "Sequoia's goal is to become a global leader in the new energy industry. If you can't do it first, you'd rather quit. " A few days ago, Zheng Yonggang set a new target for Shanshan energy, a subsidiary of Shanshan.            As China's first clothing listed company, Shanshan Co., Ltd. has already cross-border new energy business layout as early as 20 years ago. This clothing King chose to cut in from the negative electrode materials of lithium battery, and gradually expanded the tentacles to the core key materials of lithium battery such as positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm, electrolyte, etc.            As a subdivision industry of new energy industry and new material industry, new energy battery material industry is a high-tech industry supported and developed by the state.            In recent years, the industry has been boosted by both policy and capital. In this context, Zheng Yonggang's chess game 20 years ago was quickly activated.            This enterprise, which runs through the whole industry chain upstream of lithium battery, won the national technological innovation enterprise in 2018, and now has more than 200 technical patents. Ningde times, BYD, GuoXuan high tech, Lishen, SDI, ATL, LGC and other domestic and foreign lithium battery giants are all customers of Shanshan energy.            Now, in this new track with increasingly fierce competition, clothing enterprise Shanshan has become a leader.            Multi face fir            Located in Changsha, Lugu, Ningxiang, Ningxia Shizuishan Shanshan stock production base, the machine has been running in tandem. It can produce 100 kilograms of new energy materials every minute.            This famous brand for men's wear is now thriving on another track, with its lithium battery material positive, negative and electrolyte scale ranking first in the world.            According to the 2018 financial report, Shanshan's revenue reached 8.85 billion yuan. Among them, the revenue of positive material, negative material and electrolyte is 400 million yuan, 1.938 billion yuan and 403 million yuan respectively.            In the competitive field of lithium battery materials, this cross-border player has strong technical strength. In 2018, Shanshan energy won 67 authorized patents, including 29 invention patents and 38 utility models.            Its technical moat is guarded by an army of more than 300 R & D personnel. In this army, there are 1 academician, 2 foreign experts, 7 doctors and 94 master's key technical talents.            Last year, Shanshan energy became the first enterprise in the world to successfully develop 4.45v lithium cobaltite and realize large-scale production. 4.45v lithium cobaltite is a kind of positive material used in high-end 3C digital battery, which has obvious advantages of high safety, high temperature resistance and floating charge performance under high voltage condition.            Although Sequoia energy regards 4.45v high-voltage lithium cobaltite as its own weapon, its strongest strength still comes from the anode material.            This company, which has been ranked the first in China's lithium battery positive material competitiveness for six consecutive years, is one of the few positive manufacturers in China that can realize the mass production of ncm811. Its positive capacity reaches 50000 tons, ranking first in the world.            Its outstanding achievements make it popular with investors at home and abroad. At the end of last year, Shanshan energy completed a fixed increase of 2 billion yuan, ranking first in the list of financing scale of the new third board in 2018.            What's more, Buffett once mentioned in his letter to Shanshan that "Shanshan energy has become an important partner of our battery project."            However, there are still many people in the capital market who question Zheng Yonggang's new goal. As a result of the great capital move among several listed companies, the entrepreneur who started with industry and is familiar with capital operation in the future is nicknamed "A-share shell king" by the industry.            "Zheng Yonggang is not so much an industrialist as a veteran of capital. His pursuit of capital goes far beyond his desire to do business. " One industry source told the company.            His judgment on Zheng Yonggang comes from a sentence Zheng Yonggang said a few years ago: "it's not difficult to invest! We have not made much money to invest in the industry and run a factory of 12000 people. "            Four years ago, Shentong express borrowed the shell of addisi to seek listing. After the announcement, after 13 trading boards, addisi soared from 13.7 yuan to 47 yuan. At that time, Zheng Yonggang was the actual controller of Aidi's restructuring.            In the previous year, Shanshan's Hongshi investment invested 1.29 billion yuan to acquire 89.5 million shares held by adixi's controlling shareholders and their concerted actors, becoming the winner behind the restructuring.            In addition, listed companies such as Zhongke Yinghua and Jiangquan industry have Zheng Yonggang behind them.            However, the manipulation of capital market may not cover up Zheng Yonggang's hard work in the field of industry. After 30 years of deep cultivation, this self-made Zhejiang businessman has built Shanshan Group into a large enterprise integrating technology industry, urban complex, medical treatment, trade and logistics.            The way to produce "material"            The outside world marvels at Zheng Yonggang's forward-looking vision. Unlike cross-border giants such as Xu Jiayin and Dong Mingzhu, who have just entered the competition in recent years, the clothing giant has been betting on new energy track 20 years ago.            In 1999, Zheng Yonggang signed a cooperation agreement with Anshan Thermal Energy Research Institute to jointly establish Shanshan technology, the only carbon Research Institute in China at that time, and officially march into lithium batteries


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