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This set of wind + solar 4G video monitoring system is mainly designed to solve the problem of uninterruptible remote video monitoring for the designated environment in the absence of power and network. He uses the solar energy and wind energy in nature to generate electricity at the same time to work as a power supply monitoring system. Through the advanced 4G network image transmission technology, he transmits the high-definition video monitoring data collected from the front end to the control center, and a single monitoring camera has built-in large capacity memory module, which can store local video for up to 45 days. Using wind energy + solar power generation can solve the problem of power interruption due to no sun in rainy days for a long time. Our controller is specially designed for 24-hour uninterrupted charging and discharging. Wind energy and solar energy can charge the gel battery at the same time, so as to maximize the use of system resources.
The system includes: 4G monitoring image storage and transmission equipment, wind energy generator, solar power panel, wind energy solar power controller, wind energy solar energy storage battery, installation bracket, finished product installation cable and complete set of installation accessories.


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