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Those bright spots in the field of security video monitoring technology

Those bright spots in the field of security video monitoring technologyIn May 2015, nine ministries and commissions jointly issued several opinions on strengthening the networking application of public security video monitoring construction, proposing the networking application of public security video monitoring construction with "full coverage, full network sharing, full-time availability, and full controllability". It is required to promote the integrated application, and use modern technologies such as data mining and intelligent early warning to increase the public security video monitoring The integrated application of the system has gradually established the national and provincial public security video image data processing and analysis center to establish and improve several innovative platforms in the field of video image, such as video image big data analysis and mining applications.
From the opinions, we can see that many innovative technologies, such as intelligent analysis, cloud computing, cloud storage and big data mining, have a profound impact on the technological innovation in the field of public security. With the continuous development of video monitoring technology and public security business demand, the focus of public security planning and demand construction for video monitoring is changing from the number of distribution points to the improvement of management application quality. "Flexible use, resource sharing, information mining, support for actual combat" is the development trend of video monitoring field. In particular, intelligent, big data and cloud technology make large-scale video monitoring more practical, which can greatly save manpower and monitoring equipment, and will have broad application prospects in the public security industry. With the development of information technology, which innovative technologies will emerge in the field of public security video monitoring in the future, and how these innovative technologies will affect the construction and application of public security video monitoring network.
Big data: Mining and changing the application pattern of video monitoring
At present, in the public security work, the most practical application is to find images with the same clue characteristics from the massive video data, so that the police can find new case clues. As for "how to find it?" , the biggest technical obstacle lies in the structure of video. Video has no labels other than time and space attributes. In addition to finding the corresponding videos by time and place, most videos can only be screened slowly by people, which is far from big data application.
From the perspective of video analysis and intelligent vision, we can actually use some intelligent analysis means to automatically collect some commonly used "metadata" information from a large number of pure videos, and use data tag to re organize and store the video information for a long time in case of "wartime" emergency, so as to complete the patching of criminal behavior traces. This is a typical application of big data mining: effective data mining in a large number of invalid data, summary of the laws of the past data and quantification and effective expectation of the future data.
Cloud technology: promote more balanced, flexible and reliable video monitoring system
Cloud storage technology adopts distributed file system as its basic feature, and combines the traditional three-tier storage architecture (file system, volume manager and raid) into a unified software layer, so as to create a single intelligent file system across all nodes in the storage system. The system data and management data (metadata) of the distributed file system are distributed on each node, which avoids the system resource contention and eliminates the system bottleneck. Even if the whole node fails, the system can automatically identify the failure node and automatically recover the data and metadata involved in the failure node, so that the failure is transparent to the business and does not affect the business continuity at all.
The full symmetric distributed cluster design can realize the global uniform namespace of the storage system nodes, thus allowing any node in the system to access any file of the whole system concurrently; it also supports the fine-grained global lock within the file, supports concurrent access to different areas of the same file from multiple nodes, so as to achieve high concurrency and high-performance reading and writing.
Intelligent video analysis: towards compatibility, live annotation and virtual layered deployment
Intelligent video analysis is a kind of intelligent monitoring technology based on the target behavior. Firstly, it separates the background and target in the scene, identifies the real target, removes the background interference, and then analyzes and tracks the target behavior in the camera scene. At present, the field of video intelligent analysis has the following technological innovation capabilities:
Video compatibility: in practical applications, investigators only need to upload video without recording the manufacturer's model of monitoring equipment, and the system will automatically identify the format package and code stream of video for video preprocessing. It shall be able to support the video format of mainstream DVR and NVR manufacturers to play directly, or convert the private video format of different manufacturers to a unified format to play with a standard video player. It shall be able to repair and restore the damaged video files caused by the loss of file index, the damage of file header and the loss of some contents by using video restoration technology. Using new technology to realize video compatible preprocessing is of great guiding significance for the public security to speed up the speed of solving cases and improve the efficiency of solving major and important cases.
Electronic annotation: through the standard Electronic Standard Dictionary (standardized target description glossary), the relevant targets in the case evidence, including people, vehicles and things, are electronically annotated, and the case description mode and management mode are standardized. As the basic key words of full-text retrieval, the effectiveness of serial and parallel case analysis is improved, and the source of investigation clues is expanded, so as to speed up the pace of case resolution.
Virtual bayonet: relying on the virtual trigger of the road HD camera to realize the function of the conventional bayonet and realize the networking control of the urban virtual bayonet. Inspection and control means that the system will start the background analysis node according to the user's control strategy, and record the corresponding HD camera video or video at the front end


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