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The world's largest lithium battery pack will continue to expand by 50% next year

According to foreign media reports, the world's largest battery will soon become larger. The size of the hornsdale power reserve, built by Tesla and managed by the renewable energy company neoen and located in South Australia, will increase by another 50% at the beginning of next year.            The hornsdale power reserve station was built in 2017 to help ease the energy dilemma in South Australia. Last summer, the state had several power outages in turn. Tesla won the contract, and Elon Musk vowed to build it in 100 days or it would provide free electricity. As expected, the project was completed in November that year.            With a capacity of 129mwh and a power output of 100MW, the electronic reserve station became the world's largest lithium-ion battery and remained the title for the next two years. Now, it seems ready to continue to consolidate its leading position through new expansion.            Tesla, neoen and the South Australian government hope to increase the battery capacity by 50% so as to increase the capacity of 64.5mwh and 50MW power output. The upgrade will also incorporate Tesla's virtual machine model, which will allow the system to help maintain grid inertia and stability in the face of fluctuating supply and demand.            It is reported that the South Australian power grid needs 6000 MWS of inertia, and neoen said that the upgraded hornsdale power reserve station can meet half of the inertia.            The upgrade is planned to be completed by mid-2020.


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