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Jichuang Electronic Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in solar wireless monitoring system, solar power generation system, lithium battery new energy system and related fields. The company integrates product manufacturing, R & D, sales, system integration solutions and technical support, and can provide users with one-stop services. After years of efforts and development, our company has become the main equipment supplier of domestic solar wireless monitoring system, and the integrated technology is in the leading position in the industry. Our company's solar wireless monitoring system can be installed and used in the field area where it is not convenient for wiring, i.e. no electricity, no network, so as to extend the monitoring range from the city to the field and greatly expand the monitoring coverage; the system can automatically operate remote control management and conform to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and has obtained a number of national patents.
Through continuous introduction and absorption of foreign new technologies and independent research and development of new products, Jichuang Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained six product patents and three registered trademarks. It can provide customers with a variety of high-quality products such as ikeyset series solar wireless monitoring system, solar power supply system, Taiyang power generation system, and Dahua series camera parts. The company is committed to providing customers with mature and reliable system solutions and cost-effective products, giving priority to the interests of customers, and creating the maximum value and profit for customers. Set to create technology companies set foreign trade in domestic sales, products have been exported to all parts of the world.
Jichuang technology in line with the principle of good faith, mutual benefit and established a good relationship with the majority of customers, we will be first-class products, first-class service and your sincere cooperation, create brilliant!


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