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China's first photovoltaic company has built four listed companies in 16 years, but it has been kicked out four times

In 2019, Shi Zhengrong, once China's richest man and once known as "son of the sun", returned to the list six years after his disappearance. Although he was only 2.5 billion and ranked 1507, compared with that year's runaway, this list encouraged him to be particularly valuable.            In fact, in China's photovoltaic industry with "countless people buried", Shi Zhengrong is so lucky that only a few people can go back. According to the statistics of international energy network, in the past 20 years, more than 2700 enterprises have been cancelled in the development of China's photovoltaic industry, which means that most practitioners are on the way of pursuing "wealth under the sun".            However, a famous name in China's photovoltaic industry has to be mentioned. Although he has disappeared now, he was not only the earliest preacher of photovoltaic solar power generation in China, but also the most loyal practitioner. From 1999 to 2015, in 16 years, he built four photovoltaic listed companies.            However, in the highlight time of these listed companies, he failed to share the fruits of victory. He was kicked out four times in a row and ended in a miserable ending. After 2016, he was not heard any more, leaving only the sad legend.            Yang Hui Jin            His name is Yang Huaijin, the real "first person in China's photovoltaic industry", and the industry recognized him as "the godfather of China's photovoltaic industry", "pioneer of photovoltaic industry" and "spiritual leader". People who know him all said this:            "He is the one who really cares about the photovoltaic industry.".            Of course, he is also the most regrettable man in 16 years.            In 1963, Yang Huaijin was born into an ordinary peasant family in Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province. Although his family economy is not well-off, he is still barely able to support his schooling. Yang Huaijin is also very ambitious. He passed the examination of the Economics Department of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, which is admired by his peers.            How can a person who studies economics have a relationship with photovoltaic?            In the 1980s, college students all had a dream of studying abroad. If they had any way, they would like to go out anyway. Although Yang Huaijin had no money and no background at home, he still won the opportunity to study in Australia with his excellent achievements. At the same time, his Jiangsu hometown Shi Zhengrong and Zhao Jianhua were studying in Australia.            Yang Huaijin went to Macaulay University in Australia to continue his economic studies, while Shi Zhengrong and Zhao Jianhua followed Martin Green, the father of solar energy in the world. The three people are in different places, and they often contact each other. Yang Huaijin has a strong interest in photovoltaic. Yang Huaijin uses economics to interpret photovoltaic, which he thinks is an industry worth exhausting his life.            After entering the photovoltaic world, Yang Huaijin is also paying attention to the development of China's photovoltaic industry. He has been waiting for a proper time. Finally, in 1998, China began to build the first photovoltaic solar power station demonstration project. Yang Huaijin realized that the opportunity came in an instant, so he found Shi Zhengrong and Zhao Jianhua and put forward the idea of returning to China to start a business in photovoltaic industry.            Because they had been abroad for many years and didn't understand the domestic entrepreneurial environment, Shi and Zhao hesitated, so Yang Huaijin proposed that they should go back to China first to investigate the situation. In 1999, Yang Huaijin returned to China. At that time, his domestic understanding of photovoltaic was almost zero, and he went to many places to talk about cooperation, which was closed.            Yang Huaijin made a 250 page PPT to explain to others how photovoltaic solar power generation works. Then he carried a projector on his back and preached around. But every place he went, the other side thought he was a "liar". That scene was the same as the situation when Ma Yun founded China Yellow Pages in 1995.            Although he was rejected many times, Huang Tian was willing to help others. In the end, Wuxi Municipal government became bole, took a fancy to the project he proposed, and offered to help him organize investment. So Yang Huaijin reported the good news to Shi Zhengrong in Australia. In 2000, Shi Zhengrong returned to China with his research results in Australia for many years, and they jointly founded Suntech Power 。            Suntech Power is developing rapidly into a domestic giant and even has a name in the world. However, on the eve of Suntech Power's preparation for listing, Yang Huaijin left the company.            According to people familiar with the industry, the reason is that Shi Zhengrong was kicked out because of different business ideas. When Shi Zhengrong got to the top and became the richest man in China, there was also media evaluation. Yang Huaijin praised his partner as the richest man, but he ended miserably.            In 2004, Yang Huaijin sold his shares in Suntech Power at a low price, and founded China power photovoltaic Co., Ltd. together with Zhao Jianhua, Shi Zhengrong's brother. Yang Huaijin once again became the supporting role of the company as the second largest shareholder.            The cooperation didn't last long. Only a year later, Yang Huaijin sold his shares and left. However, CLP photovoltaic landed on NASDAQ in 2007.            In 2005, Yang Huaijin and Jin Baofang of Jinglong group established Hebei Jingao in Hebei Province, where he became CEO. Jin Baofang is an investor. This is the first time that Yang Huaijin has found the feeling of a leading trader.            He worked harder than the previous two companies, and his efforts also paid off. In 2007, Hebei Jingao successfully landed on Nasdaq, and was rated as the outstanding listed company of that year by Wall Street, creating a "Chinese miracle".            Yang Huaijin leads Jingao to be listed on NASDAQ


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