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Goodbye, Shi Zhengrong

Shi Zhengrong is "back".            He looks very free and easy, the whole person is fresh and fresh, the mentality should be very good.            This is the scene of Wuxi New Energy Conference last year. Interestingly, when he first returned to China to start his own business, Dr. Shi, who was stuttering on the stage, now stands in the spotlight again and starts a talk show.            In this long speech, Shi Zhengrong advised everyone not to change careers. The pioneer of photovoltaic industry once lamented: "we are all getting old unconsciously, and the baton has reached the hands of young people, so have a little time, and enjoy the joy of life for a while.".            Now to say "goodbye", first, Shi Zhengrong has been immersed for several years after he left Suntech. He does not speak, does not explain, and follows the principle of "silence is gold"; second, since he joined the dialogue column of CCTV in 2016, he has gradually returned to the public eye and photovoltaic industry. Only he said: I have never left this industry!            It's almost a cycle. The once photovoltaic godfather, once the richest man in the world, was called a pioneer, a victim and even a liar. You can't control your mouth when it's on someone else - especially when the aura is gone.            As for the controversy, Shi Zhengrong once said: "I never thought that I would become the eldest and richest man, nor did I think that there would be a media to put me on the altar!"            But is this really what he said? Every entrepreneur is a contradiction. The twists and turns of industry, the complexity of human nature, the cruelty of business and the coldness and warmth of human feelings can be found in Shi Zhengrong's past ten years of ups and downs.            No grievance, no regret?            The cases of entrepreneurs have repeatedly proved the fact that anything regarded as a miracle is often difficult to continue, because it often comes from a process beyond the normal.            Shi Zhengrong and Suntech he once led undoubtedly created a "miracle" of China's photovoltaic industry. Some say it is greed and rashness that have led to Suntech's predicament. But when you are in a frenzied era when more than 600 cities regard photovoltaic as a strategic emerging industry, how many people can be really rational?            Suntech's success in those years was the product of "opportunities of the times + government support + first mover advantage" and "harmony between the time and the place". It's like dancing on a steel wire. When the industry is booming, it's still beautiful, but it may be dwarfed by the crisis.            In 2008, Suntech's business became more and more difficult to do under the financial crisis; in 2010, Suntech's main business began to lose money; in 2011, the "double anti investigation" made Suntech's profits shrink sharply; in the first half of 2012, Suntech lost an average of 10 million yuan a day, and its share price fell from the peak of $90 all the way to $1, and Shi Zhengrong's family fell rapidly from 18.6 billion yuan. In August 2012, Shi Zhengrong resigned as CEO of Suntech and lost the post of chairman of Suntech in March 2013            In just a few years, almost nothing. Where is Dr. Shi going? Shi Zhengrong returned to silence. He later explained that "keeping silence is also an expression." Looking back at the most difficult time, Shi Zhengrong said in an exclusive interview with visibility app in 2017: "I am an adult, or can I withstand some pressure."            After leaving Suntech in 2014. For a long time, Shi Zhengrong lived in Australia by himself, adjusted himself, drove, bought vegetables, cooked and washed clothes. It took months to regain his independence and self-confidence, which made him feel more secure than ever before. He was glad he didn't lose himself. At the same time, Shi Zhengrong also adjusted his body and lost 15 Jin.            At that time, he thought that he must do something, no matter what he did, his body was the first. Only by adjusting your body and mind can you move on. In that time, Shi Zhengrong and Kashi jumped out of "photovoltaic" to see "photovoltaic" and think about the direction of innovation.            In this interview, Shi Zhengrong said: "I remain silent about questioning. Because I still focus on the overall situation. When enterprises encounter difficulties, the government and the industry are helping us to solve major problems. I don't have to worry about personal matters with the media. At the right time, I will share what I want to say with young people, because it is an experience. There are many deficiencies in the process of starting a business for intellectuals and technicians. How to recognize people and integrate various resources. I am a person with a clear conscience. Based on these, I am silent and do not feel aggrieved. "            Shi Zhengrong repeatedly stressed "innovation" and "young people". "He is now an entrepreneurial mentor," said Zhang Tao, an old subordinate who has been with him for many years Shi Zhengrong hopes to create greater opportunities for young people through his own experience and resource advantages.            Become a "rich man"            Shi Zhengrong was born on February 10, 1963. His hometown is located in a small village named "Taiping" in Yangzhong, Jiangsu Province. However, Taiping village is not peaceful due to three years of natural disasters. On February 10 of that year, a peasant woman surnamed Chen gave birth to twins. At the same time, because of the birth of a dead child, the whole family was shrouded in a melancholy cloud.            Since the Chen family has one son and one daughter, unable to raise two more children, they decided to adopt the younger brother of the twins to the Shi family, named Shi Zhengrong. Such circumstances make him strong from childhood, and his academic performance has been at the top of the list. He has also become a typical representative of many tycoons in the photovoltaic industry who use knowledge to change their fate.            In 1988, Shi Zhengrong left Australia in New South Wales


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