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The first solar photovoltaic power generation in Shanghai is put into grid connected operation with elevator

On the morning of August 8, the first solar photovoltaic power generation in Shanghai was installed with elevator, which was put into grid connected operation in building 39, Guixiang new village, Caoyang New Village street, Putuo District. It is not only expected to achieve zero electricity charge within the service cycle, but also to subsidize the maintenance cost of elevator, so as to realize "let sunshine join our elevator installation scheme, use green and clean energy, and make the sky bluer and empty "Fresher air" is the dream. The after-sales husband's house, which has been 35 years old, started with only a 1:500 topographic map at the beginning, and now it has been built and put into use. It's too difficult for the elderly to participate in the completion ceremony.            Mr. Shen Jinzhang, the initiator of the elevator installation in No. 39 building of Guixiang new village, is the witness of these five months' hard journey. Open Mr. Shen's mobile phone, you can see more than 2000 photos of the construction process, recording the birth of this elevator, sharing experience, success and joy in the wechat group of jiati. The old man's biggest wish is that the old house can be installed with an elevator: "in our building, there are 12 old people over 80 years old, I am still young. Today, we realize the dream of jiati, and we hope more neighbors can realize it. "            However, the dream of building 39 was almost killed by a power pole. One electric pole next to the elevator shaft is located near the construction area. If the direct construction may cause line problems, if the electric pole is moved, the residents shall bear an additional cost of more than 100000 yuan. The elevator foundation pit has been dug, but there is still a cost to be paid, how to share it, whether the residents agree with it or not, a series of problems are put in front of the general Party branch of guiyangyuan residential area. In order to do a good job, the street ladder office and the general Party branch of the residential area found the Shibei power supply company together, and got their strong support. They sent professional personnel to the community site for many times before and after investigation, and finally came to the suggestion that protective construction could be carried out. In the case of no displacement, the original circuit should be insulated for protection, and the overhead line should be safely isolated from the construction scaffold. During the construction The problem has been solved by arranging full-time power safety personnel to control the site.            But this problem also gives the streets a big warning, how to change the emergency treatment after the occurrence of the problem to prevention in advance, to give residents greater security? The sub district once again negotiated with Shibei power supply company. The sub district social organizations, together with the Party branch (installing the elevator guidance office), signed a joint construction agreement with the second branch committee of the marketing department (Agricultural Power Work Department, customer service center) of Shibei power supply company of State Grid Shanghai electric power company. The sub district elevator adding office is responsible for arranging and touching the buildings in the community that are willing to install elevators and building and elevator adding buildings Building residential communication and coordination platform, Shibei power supply company makes full use of its own resources and professional expertise, arranges party members and volunteers one by one for the proposed elevator building, gives circuit adjustment and optimization scheme, on-site guidance of professionals, and carries out publicity and guidance on safe electricity use.            With such a strong security guarantee, No. 39 building in Guixiang new village has realized the installation of elevators for solar photovoltaic power generation with innovative technology.            According to reports, Caoyang New Village is the first new worker village in New China. Among the 63 residential communities in the street, there are 45 residential communities including multi-storey residential building groups. The elderly aged over 60 account for more than 40% of the total number of residents. They are trapped in the "attic" all the year round, and there is a strong demand for installing elevators. The street Party Working Committee focused on solving the bottleneck problem of "difficulty in adding elevators". In September 2018, Caoyang New Village Street officially established a guidance office for installing elevators, bringing policy consultation, autonomous guidance and professional guidance to community residents, and boosting the acceleration of the installation of elevators in existing multi-storey residential buildings. At present, there are 5 elevators installed in Caoyang District, and 4 elevators are under construction.


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