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Some problems to be understood before the construction of solar energy monitoring

1. Is the conversion efficiency of 500W inverter low? , can there be inverters slightly larger than 38W, such as 200W, is this better?
Answer: the load is only 38W, 500W inverter is enough

2. Will the GSM continue to operate after the system is shut down (such as in case of power failure or line damage)?
When the monitoring camera stops working, can GSM continue to operate when the lithium battery is available?
A: the GSM can be equipped with a built-in battery, which can still work for 5-6 hours without power.

3. The parameters we provide are based on 6 hours' illumination. Is it too ideal Is the existing configuration able to operate normally under extreme conditions (for example, only 4.5 hours per day)?
A: the power and voltage of the load should be considered before installation, so we only need to increase the power of the solar panel appropriately, even if the lighting time is small.

4. Can the inverter with 38W and 500W monitor operate normally without shutting down under such low power?
The customer has seen that some inverters cannot work because the load is too small to reach the starting power of the inverter.
A: 500W has a lot of power, and 38W monitor is enough.

5. The power generation / voltage / current / lithium battery storage on the monitor can be monitored through the app you said last time? Is there any other way besides this?
A: the app independently developed by our company can monitor the photovoltaic real-time and restart remotely.

6. Is the 15A controller too small? The customer thinks that for 12V system (12V / 240ah lithium battery), if 400W module is used, the current is nearly 30A? Calculation formula?
A: the current of the monitoring camera is very small, basically not more than 2a, and the charging current of the battery pack is about 25A, so don't worry about it at all.

7. Can the controller be used with the lithium battery (that is, to protect the lithium battery) In other words, the protection of lithium battery, such as power off and charging, is played by the safety protection current of lithium battery itself.
Answer: the 32650 iron lithium battery adopted by our company is also the controller of iron lithium battery. It will charge and discharge the battery according to the inherent characteristics of iron lithium battery, so we don't need to worry about whether it can protect the battery.


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